The Televerse #170- Fans and Fandom on TV with Paul Booth

Supernatural, "The Real Ghostbusters"

Thanks to Thanksgiving, it’s a (comparatively) light week of TV on the podcast. First we kick things off with a little reality talk and a look at the comedies, including a marathon of Adventure Time, and then we talk genre and drama, including the aptly-titled episode of The Newsroom, “Contempt”. Afterward, Dr. Paul Booth joins us to discuss representations of fans and fandom on TV, as well as the ever-evolving relationship between fans and creators.

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Informed Opinions: Fans and Fandom on TV with Dr. Paul Booth (1:13:23)

Our Week in Reality: The Amazing Race (12:02)

Our Week in Comedy
Benched (15:02)
Getting On (17:03)
Bob’s Burgers (19:18)
Adventure Time (21:45)

Our Week in Genre
Penny Dreadful (32:57)
Kate’s genre roundup (38:33)

Our Week in Drama
Kingdom (44:50)
The Newsroom (53:46)

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