The Televerse #174- 2014 Best Of Smorgasborgy

Mad Men S07E07

The podcast’s year-ending Best Of extravaganza concludes this week with Simon and Kate’s picks for just about everything other than their Top 20 TV Series. Categories range from Best Performance, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Score to more niche categories like Best Shipping Moment, the Life Vest Award (performance/element singlehandedly buoying an otherwise terrible show), and the La-La-La Award (show we most care about being spoiled for). Each section is bookended with some of 2014’s most memorable original music and musical performances. Please leave us a comment with your favorite moments and anything else from TV in 2014!

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Performance Awards (1:13)

Performance Awards, cont’d (28:23)

Production and Music Awards (46:15)

Writing and Sequence Awards (1:13:50)

Season-long Awards (1:40:51)

Moment Awards (2:05:54)

Misc./Reflection and Projection Awards (2:25:50)

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