The Televerse #176- Carlos with Sean Colletti

Edgar Ramirez in Carlos

The January TV premieres have already begun, giving us plenty to discuss on this week’s podcast. After an extra-long listener feedback segment, we dive in with the comedies, including the Golden Globes and a handful of premieres: Archer, Portlandia, Babylon, Girls, Togetherness, and Looking. Then we talk genre and drama, including the premieres of Agent Carter and Banshee and a rare swing-and-a-miss from The Good Wife. Afterward, former Televerse cohost Sean Colletti and current cohost of The Midseason Replacements and Under the Hood returns to the DVD Shelf to discuss the 2010 SundanceTV miniseries, Carlos.

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DVD Shelf: Carlos with Sean Colletti (1:34:14)

Our Week in Reality and Comedy
The Golden Globes (18:00)
Archer premiere (22:45)
Portlandia premiere (26:53)
Babylon premiere (29:28)
Girls premiere (36:33)
Togetherness pilot (42:06)
Looking premiere (45:43)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Agent Carter pilot (52:15)
Banshee premiere (1:00:53)
Elementary (1:05:31)
Parenthood (1:07:10)
The Good Wife (1:14:27)

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