The Televerse #18- 2012 Midseason TV Preview

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This week, Simon and Kate continue without the regular format. We go through our (brief) week in TV, catch up with the first seasons of Archer and Downton Abbey, and preview the series premiering or returning in January and February.

The shows we cover this week are Top Chef: Texas, Prime Suspect, and HIMYM.

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  1. Dan Heaton says

    I’m actually a pretty big fan of Portlandia. Not every sketch works, but I think it has great moments each week, especially with some fun guest stars. Watching Ron Moore, Edward James Olmos, and James Callis ham it up last Friday was something to see.

    Simon, I’m guessing you’re aware, but with Carrie Brownstein now in Wild Flag, Sleater Kinney’s ship has sailed. I was also a big fan, but I also like her new group a lot too.

    1. Simon Howell says

      Yeah, I know S-K are goners. The Wild Flag record is decent, but man do I miss the Tucker / Brownstein vocal interplay.

      1. Dan Heaton says

        Simon, I also miss the Tucker/Brownstein combo, so I feel your pain for sure. They were a great live band too.

  2. Mario in Philly says

    I had a chance to see the pilot for Smash and think it’s going to be a solid show. The promos really hype the music but there is a lot more going on with characters.

    Looking forward to Justified coming back as well as the second seasons of Sherlock and Downton Abbey.
    And yay for The Amazing Race blog! I have a close friend who loves Survivor so I watched two seasons and really didn’t like the manipulations by the players. I prefer the challenges of TAR.

    Also, regarding Deadwood, I’m going to either borrow the box set back from my friend or join Netflix so I can continue the adventure. I did like the actors and dialogue in the first eight episodes I watched. I’m not really a fan of westerns and thankfully this is not typical so I am ready to submerge myself. (BTW, until I learned differently, I thought the characters were all calling Swearengen by a nickname, Swear Engine!)

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