The Televerse #181- The Dick Van Dyke Show with Sarah Rodman

January’s ridiculous string of TV comedy excellence continues this week, making for another long podcast. First Kate talks a little reality, with some praise for the finale of Top Chef: Boston, then there’s comedy discussion galore, including an emotional Jane the Virgin, a baffling Adventure Time, and more great episodes from Broad City, Parks and Recreation, Looking, and Girls. Next up, Kate looks at some genre with Arrow and Banshee, and we round out our week in TV with the dramas, including the finale of Babylon and another fantastic and grimace-inducing The Americans. Afterwards, Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe returns to the DVD Shelf to help us discuss one of the all-time great sitcoms, The Dick Van Dyke Show.

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DVD Shelf: The Dick Van Dyke Show with Sarah Rodman (1:28:48)

Our Week in Reality: Top Chef: Boston finale (13:02)

Our Week in Comedy
Fresh Off the Boat (14:58)
Last Week Tonight (15:57)
Jane the Virgin (16:40)
Archer (21:55)
Adventure Time (23:44)
Broad City (27:06)
Parks and Recreation (30:40)
Man Seeking Woman (34:08)
Togetherness (42:30)
Looking (45:14)
Girls (49:30)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Arrow (59:55)
Banshee (1:01:24)
Babylon finale (1:02:42)
Fortitude (1:09:21)
Justified (1:16:35)
The Americans (1:22:00)

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