The Televerse #183- Charmed with Whitney McIntosh

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Despite a few shows taking the week off, there are finales and premieres galore this week, plus the regular batch of discussion-worthy series, making for one of the longest regular podcast episodes in quite a while. First we dive in with the comedies, including the Parks and Recreation series finale, The Last Man on Earth’s pilot, and a fantastic Doris-centric Looking. Next up are reality and genre, including the premiere of the new dating-centric season of The Amazing Race and the season finale of Agent Carter, and we wrap up the week with the dramas, including the pilot of Battle Creek, the return of The Good Wife, and much more. Afterward, SOS’s own Whitney McIntosh returns to the DVD Shelf to break down TV’s longest running female-driven series and genre favorite, Charmed.

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DVD Shelf: Charmed with Whitney McIntosh (1:46:19)

Our Week in Comedy
Parks and Recreation series finale (15:49)
The Last Man on Earth pilot (24:55)
Broad City (31:41)
Man Seeking Woman (34:58)
Fresh Off the Boat (39:02)
Archer (42:06)
Adventure Time (43:53)
Girls (45:58)
Looking (50:22)

Our Week in Reality and Genre
The Amazing Race premiere (58:31)
Agent Carter finale (1:03:11)
Banshee (1:05:56)
The 100 (1:06:47)

Our Week in Drama
Battle Creek pilot (1:13:18)
Better Call Saul (1:15:31)
The Slap (1:20:59)
Justified (1:25:09)
Fortitude (1:30:26)
The Americans (1:34:15)
The Good Wife (1:38:11)

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