The Televerse #19- The Outer Limits with Bill Mesce

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This week, Simon and Kate fight through some unfortunate midseason pilots and premieres in our week in TV before spotlighting The Good Wife‘s most recent episode, “Alienation of Affection”. Then Simon takes a week off while Kate welcomes author, 25-year HBO veteran, and SOS contributor Bill Mesce to the DVD Shelf to talk about the ’60s classic, The Outer Limits.

This week, we cover the Work It pilot, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Top Chef: Texas, the season two premieres of Portlandia and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, the pilots for House of Lies and The Firm, and the season two premiere of Downton Abbey.

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    I feel the same about Top Chef: Texas as you do — I don’t care about any of the cheftestants! I still don’t remember all of their names. But of course, this won’t get me to stop watching. I’ll want to know who wins the competition. At 8 minutes each, the Last Chance Kitchen segments are much better and shows, as Simon points out, just how clever Tom Colicchio is at hiding his opinions until the last moment. (I catch them via Comcast On Demand but apparently they also air on the Bravo website starting immediately after the episode.)
    I won’t go into the Restaurant Wars episode but will only say that I thought the other team was going to win. Or maybe I wanted them to win…

    BBC America has the first episode of The Fades out there so I watched it. I wouldn’t say I’m a horror fan but I do check them, so maybe I’m a closet horror fan. The first episode was engaging and i’ll go back for more.
    I liked the BBC version of Being Human but a press release shows that the three central characters (one is already gone via the season 3 finale) will all be gone midway through the upcoming season (there are only 6 or 8 episodes) which is disheartening. But if MI:5 can seamlessly change its cast over the run of the series I suppose I can give this one a try. The SyFy version of BH is so, so American! It’s not just that the acting is bad but the dialogue sounds too intenional, and intentionally blandly clever. The BBC version seems to have more heart and freshness for a show I never thought I’d like but ended up loving. I wish I could articulate the difference between these versions better. I’d like to hear someone else compare these. (Did I mention that the BBC version is better!)

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