The Televerse #195- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 6

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

Summer TV is on the way, giving us a few more finales and some shows to preview this week on the podcast. First we look at the comedies and reality, with previews of Golan the Insatiable and SYTYCD. Next up are the genre and drama entries, including previews of The Whispers and Aquarius, as well as looks at the pilot of Between and the finales of Supernatural and The Flash. Afterward, friend of the show Steve Prokopy—Capone from AICN—is back at the DVD Shelf for the sixth installment of his Horror Picks, looking at two classic horror TV movies: Dark Night of the Scarecrow and The Night Stalker.

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DVD Shelf: Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 6 (1:34:56)

Our Week in Reality and Comedy
Preview Golan the Insatiable (15:21)
Preview SYTYCD (19:09)
The Comedians (23:18)
Younger (25:57)
Inside Amy Schumer (28:41)
Louie (33:13)
Silicon Valley (37:43)
Veep (41:05)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Preview The Whispers (48:31)
Preview Aquarius (51:29)
Between pilot (57:18)
Supernatural finale (59:07)
The Flash finale (1:02:00)
Game of Thrones (1:09:06)
iZombie (1:13:20)
Penny Dreadful (1:16:15)
Orphan Black (1:22:13)

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