The Televerse #20- Wonderfalls with Dan Toland

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It’s a mixed bag this week, as Simon and Kate tackle yet more midseason pilots and premieres in our week in TV before spotlighting The Good Wife‘s most recent episode, “Bitcoin for Dummies.” Then we welcome Dan Toland from and Bigger on the Inside to the DVD Shelf to talk Wonderfalls.

This week, we cover Happy Endings, The Finder pilot, The Vampire Diaries season one, Portlandia, Supernatural, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, the Are You There, Chelsea? pilot, Suburgatory, Top Chef: Texas, the Rob pilot, the 30 Rock premiere, Parks and Rec, Fringe, The Fades pilot, the Napoleon Dynamite pilot, Downton Abbey, the Alcatraz pilot, HIMYM, and the Smash pilot, which landed on iTunes last night.

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  1. Michael Ryan says

    I thought that it was deliberate as well.

    Of course now I am looking at the episode notes and I can’t even remember what you two thought of The Finder premiere. (I apparently liked Alcatraz more than you, but not that much more than you.)

    I didn’t see the Fringe resemblance to Alcatraz but I guess that’s because I saw the X-Files resemblance and obviously Fringe borrows a lot from there.

    Wish I had caught The Fades.

  2. Kate Kulzick says

    Fixed. Gotta enjoy the luck of it- I miss one edit and it’s that one. :)

  3. Ricky says

    i love how you are talking about the editing of Top Chef but forgot to edit out the part when Simon messes up and have him repeat it !!!!

    Loving the show!

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