The Televerse #207- The Wonder Years with Ricky D

The Wonder Years

The transition between early and late summer programming continues, giving us a few premieres and finales to discuss this week on the podcast. The Televerse is also in transition: After a special announcement from Simon, we look at an entertaining week in comedy, including particularly strong installments of Rick and Morty and Review, among others, and a full week in drama, including the premiere of David Simon’s Show Me a Hero and the finales of Humans and Rectify. Then, SOS’Editor-in-Chief Ricky D returns to the DVD Shelf to help us sing the praises of one of the all-time great coming-of-age dramedies, the woefully under-discussed The Wonder Years.

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DVD Shelf: The Wonder Years with Ricky D (1:00:13)

Our Week in Comedy
Rick and Morty (5:40)
Difficult People (7:16)
Playing House (7:57)
Last Week Tonight (9:23)
Married (11:39)
Review (14:39)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Sneaky Pete pilot (20:15)
Show Me a Hero (24:16)
Masters of Sex (29:44)
Mr. Robot (35:12)
Hannibal (40:09)
Humans finale (42:58)
Rectify finale (48:45)

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