The Televerse #208- Make-You-Watch-athon 4: The Venture Bros., Steven Universe

The Venture Bros.

It’s the end of an era here at The Televerse. On the occasion of our fourth anniversary, and in the podcast’s final installment at Sound On Sight, cohost Simon Howell bids adieu in an epically long episode. First we look at a full week in TV. After a little reality talk—specifically, Stephen Amell’s turn in the ring at SummerSlam—we dive in with the comedies, previewing The Carmichael Show and looking at the premieres and pilots for Survivor’s Remorse, Blunt Talk, and Documentary Now!. Next up are the genre and drama offerings, including the much-maligned pilot for Fear The Walking Dead and penultimate episodes of Hannibal, Mr. Robot, and Show Me a Hero. After that, our yearly Make-You-Watch-athon is back, this time featuring in-depth looks at The Venture Bros. and underrated Cartoon Network (crystal) gem Steven Universe.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our listeners over the past four years and to Simon, for being a wonderful cohost and critic, and an even better friend.

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Make-You-Watch-athon 4: The Venture Bros. and Steven Universe (1:29:58)

Our Week in Reality and Comedy
Stephen Amell on SummerSlam (10:49)
Preview The Carmichael Show (17:05)
Survivor’s Remorse premiere (19:59)
Blunt Talk pilot (23:46)
Documentary Now! pilot (27:51)
Difficult People (33:07)
Playing House (35:54)
Review (40:46)
Rick and Morty (44:23)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Fear The Walking Dead (48:58)
Masters of Sex (53:56)
Hannibal (59:34)
Mr. Robot (1:06:40)
Show Me a Hero (1:14:17)

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