The Televerse #213- Scrubs with Cooper S. Beckett

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After last week’s marathon podcast, we’re back to a more manageable length, though there’s still plenty of TV talk to go around. Joining Kate this week is Cooper S. Beckett from Eat the Rudecast, Damn Good Podcast, and Life on the Swingset, who helps Kate look at some comedy and genre favorites (The Muppets, Drunk History, Rick and Morty, Doctor Who) and dives in with a new show mid-series (Review). Kate also talks the Documentary Now finale, the Amazing Race premiere, the Heroes Reborn premiere, the Masters of Sex finale, and previews Sleepy Hollow season three. Afterward, Cooper heads over to the DVD Shelf to help Kate break down an underrated (comparatively) recent series, the reliably comedic, and occasionally crushingly dramatic, Scrubs.

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DVD Shelf: Scrubs with Cooper S. Beckett (1:19:22)

Our Week in Comedy
Documentary Now finale (6:47)
You’re the Worst (10:17)
The Mindy Project (11:57)
The Muppets premiere (13:18)
Drunk History (21:18)
Review (24:23)
Rick and Morty (29:34)

Our Week in Genre, Reality, and Drama
Preview Sleepy Hollow Season 3 (37:47)
The Amazing Race (42:01)
Heroes Reborn premiere (45:35)
Masters of Sex finale (49:34)
Fear The Walking Dead (54:09)
Steven Universe (56:12)
Doctor Who (58:16)

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