The Televerse #215- Life on Mars (UK) with Alasdair Wilkins

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Life on Mars UK cast

The fall premieres may be winding down elsewhere, but The CW is just gearing up, giving us plenty of interesting TV to talk about this week. Alasdair Wilkins of The A.V. Club and Debating Doctor Who joins Kate for a more mainstream week in TV, starting with a little reality talk, as Kate waxes rhapsodic on The Great British Bake Off, and then moving to the comedies, including deep dives with Gravity Falls, Bob’s Burgers, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Next up are the drama and genre offerings, including a preview of Manhattan season two and a look at the premieres of Supernatural, iZombie, Arrow, and The Flash, and afterwards, we head over to the DVD Shelf to break down the UK fish out of time buddy cop series Life on Mars.

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DVD Shelf: Life on Mars (UK) with Alasdair Wilkins (1:35:46)

Our Week in Reality and Comedy
The Great British Bake Off finale (7:11)
You’re the Worst (16:42)
Gravity Falls (18:35)
Bob’s Burgers (30:33)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (38:59)
The Muppets (42:46)
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (53:31)

Our Week in Drama and Genre
Preview Manhattan Season 2 (1:02:08)
Supernatural premiere (1:05:00)
iZombie premiere (1:07:04)
Agents of SHIELD (1:08:30)
Steven Universe (1:12:05)
The Leftovers (1:15:08)
Arrow premiere (1:20:11)
The Flash premiere (1:27:13)

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