The Televerse #220- Project Greenlight Season 4 with Caroline Siede

Project Greenlight s4

It’s another long podcast this week, with Caroline Siede of The A.V. Club and Debating Doctor Who returning to help Kate break down a comedy-heavy week in TV. We kick things off with said comedies and some reality talk, including looks at the continuation of Mr. Show, Netflix’s With Bob and David, the pilot of Project Runway Junior, a theatre-inspired Nathan For You, and much more. Next up are the dramas, including the new Amazon pilot Good Girls Revolt and Grey’s Anatomy, and we round out the week with the genre offerings, including a preview of The Man in the High Castle, a look at the pilot of Into the Badlands, and lots of superhero TV talk. Then in lieu of the DVD Shelf, we dive in with a season spotlight on the recent revival of Project Greenlight, and determine whether we’re #TeamEffie or #TeamJason.

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Season Spotlight: Project Greenlight Season 4 with Caroline Seide (2:08:32)

Our Week in Comedy and Reality
With Bob and David pilot (7:16)
Project Runway Junior pilot (15:24)
SNL (19:29)
Fresh Off the Boat (24:33)
Drunk History (26:34)
Adventure Time (29:25)
Jane the Virgin (33:40)
black-ish (45:35)
Nathan For You (48:39)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (56:32)

Our Week in Drama
Good Girls Revolt pilot (1:04:11)
Law & Order: SVU (1:11:52)
The Leftovers (1:20:34)
Grey’s Anatomy (1:24:42)

Our Week in Genre
Preview The Man in the High Castle (1:38:47)
Into the Badlands pilot (1:47:41)
The Walking Dead (1:50:14)
Arrow (1:52:10)
The Flash (1:54:29)
Supergirl (1:57:08)
Agents of SHIELD (2:02:09)
Doctor Who (2:05:11)

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