The Televerse #221- Jessica Jones Season 1 with Noel Kirkpatrick

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Things get controversial this week on the podcast, as Noel Kirkpatrick from returns to help Kate break down the week’s TV. First up are the comedies, including Thanksgiving-inspired episodes of Fresh Off the Boat, Jane the Virgin, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and we round out our week in TV with the genre and drama offerings, including Adventure Time: Stakes, Limitless, Manhattan, and Fargo. Afterward, it’s time for another season spotlight, as Noel and Kate dive deep with season one of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, a feminist, noir addition to the Marvel TV universe.

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Season Spotlight: Jessica Jones Season 1 with Noel Kirkpatrick (1:42:13)

Our Week in Comedy
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (6:54)
You’re the Worst (12:15)
Fresh Off the Boat (15:34)
Jane the Virgin (21:37)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (32:33)

Our Week in Genre and Drama
Doctor Who (39:22)
Adventure Time: Stakes (48:59)
Supergirl (56:10)
Arrow (1:01:41)
Limitless (1:12:44)
Elementary (1:18:48)
Manhattan (1:25:33)
Fargo (1:30:04)

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  1. FictionIsntReal says

    Were the 80s that bad? I was just listening to another podcast earlier in which folks were saying that 70s movies were really dark because everything seemed to be falling apart, and then in the 80s people got more optimistic, patriotic etc. Arthur Okun famously developed a “misery index” during the 60s, and the Reagan era had the biggest drop in it since Truman:
    On the other hand, crime basically plateaued, with a sustained drop not occurring until 1994.

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