The Televerse #226- 2015 Best Of Smorgasborgy

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After counting down their Top 20 TV Series of 2015 last week, Kate and Noel return to give their thoughts on the rest of the year that was in TV. From standard categories like Best Performance to fun ones like Best Villain and Trippiest Scene, Kate and Noel heap praise upon (or vent frustration about) the best, worst, most memorable, and most forgettable moments, seasons, series, and more this year. Joining in the fun are former cohosts Caroline Siede, Ricky D, Max Bledstein, Deepayan Sengupta, and Simon Howell, who call in to give out a few awards of their own.

BEWARE: SPOILERS! Anything that aired (or streamed) in 2015 is fair game; we do not hold back. We also do not hold back on language, hence the episode’s explicit rating. The actual content, aside from language, is not explicit.

This will be the final episode of The Televerse to appear at PopOptiq. Follow the podcast at its new home,, where this post originated, to see what television Kate and Noel discover and discuss in 2016!

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Performance Awards (3:20): Best Lead Performance (Male), Best Lead Performance (Female), Best Supporting Performance (Male), Best Supporting Performance (Female), Most Acting, Least Acting, Best Voice Acting, Best Reality Personality, Most Novel Casting, Best Use of Ensemble, Most Underrated Ensemble, Best Cameo, Best Guest Appearance, 6th Man Award, 6th Woman Award

Character Awards (21:49): Best New Character, Best Villain, Best Parents, Best Kids, Best On-Screen Death, Badass Award, Character We Want to See More Of, Actor We Want To See More Of

Production Awards (36:56): Notable Comedy Direction, Notable Drama Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Costuming, Best Set Design, Best Hair, Best Makeup, Best Editing, Most Inventive Animation

Music Awards (49:40): Best New Theme Song/Opening Credits, Best Score, Best Soundtrack, Best Original Song, Best Musical Moment, Best Dance Sequence, Best Deployment of a Pre-Existing Song, Best Montage

Writing Awards (1:10:46): Best Writing for a Comedy Series, Best Writing for a Drama Series, Best Writing for a Sketch Comedy Series, Most Quotable Series, Most Memorable Line/Delivery, Best Monologue, Best Writing for a Single Episode, Best Crafting of a Season

Sequence Awards (1:22:29): Best Action Set Piece, Best Stunts, Best Fight Scene, Best Dream Sequence

Season Awards (1:29:53): Season with the Most Spectacular Burn Out, Season with the Most Spectacular Build, Best Finale Payoff, Most Underappreciated Finale, Most Over-appreciated Finale

Series Awards (1:45:11): Best New Comedy, Best New Drama, Most Improved Series, Series with the Biggest Drop in Quality, Most Underrated Series, Most Overrated Series, Srsly Guys Why Aren’t You Watching…?, Srsly Why Aren’t We Watching…?, The Ann Veal Award, Homework Award, The Ringer Award, Gone But Not Forgotten

Moment Awards (2:14:01): Trippiest Scene, Best WTF Moment, Best Gutpunch, Dusty Dusty Him Sad Award, F*ck Yeah Moment of the Year, Best Twist (Non-Finale), Most Traumatizing Moment, Schadenfreude Award, Most Striking Visual, Best Extraneous Sex, Best Extraneous Nudity, Best ‘Shipping Moments, Most Chemistry, Least Chemistry, Oxygen Award: Comedy, Oxygen Award: Drama, Most Ridiculous Moment, Best Interactivity, The La-la-la Award: Show We Least Want Spoiled, The La-la-la Award: Thing We’re Pretending Never Happened

Misc. Awards (2:56:49): Best Surprise, Worst Disappointment, Best Discovery, Spotlight of Shame, Breakthrough Performance, Breakthrough Series, Best Overall Network, It Should Have Worked Award, It Shouldn’t Have Worked Award, It’s Not Me It’s You Award: Trope, It’s Not Me It’s You Award: Series, It’s Not Me It’s You Award: Other, Anchor Award, Life Vest Award, Show We Most Want to see Make the Leap


Music Featured: “Off on a Hero’s Journey” from Galavant, “Spiderman Too: 2 Many Spidermen”, “Daddy’s Boy”, and “Peeno Noir” from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “Washington, D.C.” and “IRS Love Song” feat. Michael Bolton, from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, “Stronger than You” feat. Estelle, “Do It for Her”, and “I’m Just a Comet” from Steven Universe, “Pirate Chantey”, “MC Mom”, “Ray Parker Jr. Theme Songs”, and “Negrotown” from Key & Peele, “Settle for Me”, “Sexy Getting Ready Song”, “Where’s the Bathroom”, “I Love My Daughter (But Not in a Creepy Way)”, and “I Give Good Parent” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, “Let You Go” feat. Rose McIver from iZombie, “Goodbye Moonmen” from Rick and Morty, “Powerful” from Empire, and “What’s Up?” as performed on Sense8

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