The Televerse #26- Deadwood with Previously On

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We’re in for the long haul this week, as Simon and Kate talk through a relatively light week in TV and spotlight Luck’s latest before welcoming on David Bax and Sean Ingram from Previously On to a supersized DVD Shelf to talk about one of the great TV series, David Milch’s Deadwood.

This week, before the mega-Shelf, Kate blasts through her TV Roundup (Cougar Town, Suburgatory, An Idiot Abroad, Lost Girl, and The Voice), and we go through the comedies we both tuned in for (Key & Peele, New Girl, Happy Endings, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Archer, Eastbound & Down, and HIMYM), one of which gets an official Dear John from Simon. Afterwards, it’s on to the hour-longs (Justified, out of the spotlight for only the second time this season, Top Chef: Texas, the Awake pilot, Fringe, The Amazing Race, which warmed the cockles of Simon’s clown-hating heart, and Smash), capped by our first ever spotlight of Milch’s current series, Luck.

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