The Televerse #32- Brass Eye with Derek Gladu

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After some discussion, Awake is in the spotlight for the first time this week, as Simon and Kate talk through a fairly strong week of television. After going through the week’s TV, with particular focus on Justified, Fringe, and Mad Men, Derek Gladu from the Sound On Sight Doctor Who podcast comes over to the DVD Shelf to help us break down Chris Morris’ hilarious British fake news series Brass Eye.

Other shows discussed this week include New Girl, the Happy Endings finale, the Best Friends Forever pilot, Community, 30 Rock, the Scandal pilot, the Magic City pilot, Eastbound & Down, The Amazing Race, Game of Thrones, the season one finale of Lost Girl, HIMYM, the first results show and second live round of The Voice, and Smash.

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    And you wanted to know what not to cover? You’re the Televerse — You should cover everything! I still listen to what you have to say about programs I don’t listen to. On what to add, perhaps comment on something you notice popping up, like annoying or clever commercials; and keep an eye out for specials and random TV shows that you don’t have to follow each week, like if you just happen to be watching SNL and comment on host Sofia Vergara and new hot boy band New Direction. Just a few things to throw into the mix. (I don’t mind if you do a 2-3 hour podcast!) :-)

    My guilty pleasures are the Bravo reality shows – currently Million Dollar Listing. The upcoming Around the World in 80 Plates looks like it could be a good mash up of Top Chef and Amazing Race.

  2. Mario in Philly says

    Happy Endings – I don’t check into Happy Endings regularly but did catch the finale. I liked the Mandonna scenes, especially the last one. The payoff of all guys as different Madonnas was a fun sight gag. (FYI: I might also have liked it because I sing like a Mandonna in the shower…)

    Amazing Race – I think Nary and Jamie did not admit to being federal agents simply because Art and JJ knew it, they didn’t like the men’s attitude and just wanted a power play, which was not really one. I’m not really a fan of the remaining teams. I picked Nary and Jamie to win at the beginning. I haven’t switched my pick because they are still in the race but I’m betting they won’t be in it for long.

    Mad Men – I loved Peggy holding her own with Roger to get money out of him! And I was behind Joan too. I’m guessing that was a bold move for her to make as a woman in 1966.

    Awake – I watched the first episode, liked it, like the cast, but forgot to return to it. If it gets picked up for next season I’ll check out the rest of this season.

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