The Televerse #34- My So-Called Life with Ricky D

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It’s a long one this time, as Simon and Kate celebrate the return of Parks and Rec and dig into a divisive episode of Fringe. Throw in the Veep pilot and an excellent turn from Mad Men, and it’s a full week of TV. Afterwards, we welcome Ricky D from the Sound On Sight podcast to the DVD Shelf to talk about the fantastic, and short-lived, ’90s teen drama classic, My So-Called Life.

Other shows discussed this week: the pilot of The L.A. Complex, New Girl, Community, 30 Rock, Eagleheart, Awake, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Girls, The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, The Voice, and Smash.

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    Mad Men – I really liked the mirror stories of Roger’s good “trip” and having a happy ending for himself, and Don’s bad trip ending with him on his knees to Megan and getting scolded by Bert. Peggy was not quite as “Born Free” as the movie she went to but has been trying to exert her freedom more every episode. She’s a little more in charge of her body (giving the guy in the theater a happy ending) and trying to take charge at work, for better or worse.

    Amazing Race – Phil Keoghan tweets live during the show and mentioned that the non-elimination rounds are set up in advance. So while Mark and Bopper did get another pass you’re right in pointing out that the editors played up that episode to elicit emotional responses for them. I was never really an Art and JJ fan and they’ve been acting like snotty little boys since Rachel and Dave didn’t play the U-Turn. So I’m on team Rachel and Dave, though I’m not a real fan of any of the five teams left. I think these two plus Brendan and Rachel will be the final three.

    Girls – I like the subtle humor in the observations rather than usually just going for the joke, like after sex discussing the flavor of Gatorade to drink, or just awkward moments that should be learning experiences. I think it’s original but certainly not everyone is going to take to it.

    30 Rock – I liked the live show. Maybe because I get a lot of the older TV references? All the way from Dusty Springfield and Laugh In to Zou Bisou Bisou… I don’t know. But it cracked me up! It was almost like a variety show, like Laugh In, itself. The East Coast got the Paul McCartney walk on, and the West Coast got Kim Kardashian. KK really has no personality, does she, even for a moment’s screen time. Everyone complains about KK but I wouldn’t know anything about her if they didn’t keep talking about her!

    Nurse Jackie – Edie Falco takes the story to the next level this season with Jackie attempting a recovery program. Falco and her great supporting cast find the right balance of humor and emotion. It could be the best show you’re not watching!

    Summer Shows I’m looking forward to – Around the World in 80 Plates (rather long title, eh?), True Blood (June 10), White Collar (July), Breaking Bad (July), The Closer (final season, July 9), The Close spinoff Major Crimes starts in August, starring Mary McDonnell, Dexter (September)

  2. Ken from Chicago says

    Hi, Kate and Simon. Once again, another great Televerse podcast, very entertaining and enlightening–and wrong. Not all of it, just a tiny portion:

    Such as Kate cutting off her friend from North of the Border, poor, poor, Simon, from reviewing the awesome “Holodeck” episode of COMMUNITY by simply assuming he didn’t love its conceptually brilliant combination of meta-commentary / analysis of the show’s characters and excellent meaty character development Annie and Abed who both actually learned and grew as characters. True, the episode eased up off the comedic element, but if it’s LOUIE or GIRLS or half the shows on Showtime no one would complain that a show that’s ostensibly a comedy mixes in a lot more unfunny drama into the mix–and actually praise it for that, but heaven forbid that happen on a PNB tv comedy.

    Plus the episode even snuck in Dean Pelton mimicking Oscar-winning Jim Rash’s hilarious mimickry at the Oscars of Angelina Jolie’s absurd bared right leg pose. Right before opening credits Dean comes back into the Study Group’s study room and assumes the position–of course it’s his female half of his costume, on his right side, that has the extended leg.

    There’s some other small areas that need correction–plus the vast majority which I agreed with which need complementing (e.g., 30 ROCK, PARKS & RECREATION, Kate’s review of COMMUNITY, etc.).

    Hey, despite the internet in particular and the world in general tradition of writing in to complain about the negative, I think it’s only fair to also write in to complement the positive.

    In other words: LONG POST IS COMING!

    (You’ve been warned.)

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. In the game of posts, you post or you die.

    P.P.S. PNB tv = Primetime Network Broadcast tv.

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