The Televerse #36- Interview with Chris Gore

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Simon and Kate break down a week for unusual television, with interesting episodes of Mad Men and Community. After a roundup of Kate’s comedy, genre, and reality shows, we look at our shared viewing, with particular focus on Fringe, Girls, and, unfortunately, since we can’t seem to help ourselves, Smash. Then we spotlight the fantastic season two premiere of Sherlock, “A Scandal in Belgravia”, before we sit down with Chris Gore from Attack of the Show to talk about DVDs, special features, and the future of media consumption and storage.

Other shows covered this week: Cougar Town, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Amazing Race finale, Lost Girl, the Castle finale, The Voice finale (competition), 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Eagleheart, Awake, Bob’s Burgers, and Veep.

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  1. Dan Heaton says

    Nice job with the interview with Chris Gore. I love extra features, and the main reason I don’t watch as many is just time at this point. I agree that they’ve become more promotional in a lot of cases, which is just too bad.

    To answer your question about Amazing Race injuries, they haven’t been as nasty as those on Survivor, thankfully. There have been a few cases where teams quit based on being hurt. One of the pizza-parlor brothers in season five hurt his leg and had to quit, but they were last at the time and would have been eliminated. Mike White and his dad also stopped during the Unfinished Business season when they couldn’t find the clue in the mud. Mel was wearing out and it was getting dangerous for them to continue.

    My brain is a bit fuzzy about all the seasons, but the scariest moment I can remember was when the twin brothers flipped their jeep in season seven in Africa. A camera man was in bad shape, but he ended up being okay. They actually survived in a foot race at the end of the leg but were too far behind after that. The weird thing is that in the same episode, Gretchen of the older couple fell inside a cave and cut up her face pretty badly. That’s one of the craziest episodes in the history of the show.

  2. Keith Viverette says

    I can’t believe you guys still watch Smash but more than that I can’t believe NBC renewed it already. I also say congrats to you two as Fringe fans that your show got renewed for a goodbye run fifth season.

    I hope you like your 5th season overall and end of series episode than I did as a Chuck fan. The show most raved about that I need to catch up on that I have watched a bit of seems to be Revenge…I just may wait till if finishes and marathon it.

    I still love you guys’ show and always look forward to it.

  3. Mario in Philly says

    It’s funny when you say you aren’t going to give much time to Smash and go on and on about it. It’s okay. You aren’t alone! I was talking with a friend about its flaws and would up redefining the characters and decided they should ultimately make them more soap opera-y. (I just watched a recap of the first half of the season for Revenge and thought that the lead character Emily Thorne is exactly how Ivy should act – to dive into the deep end and own being sneaky and bad. I won’t go on about how I’d define the rest of the Smash characters but I spent 20 minutes on it that I won’t get back. It was fun nonetheless.)
    In the most recent double issue of Entertainment Weekly’s finale issue they list 9 things that are wrong with Smash and why they can’t stop watching. Besides highlighting Debra Messing’s messy wardrobe they point out that the characters are still a work in progress and continually go around asking: What would Marilyn do?

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