The Televerse #42- Girls Season 1 with Adam Kempenaar and Justine Smith; Twin Peaks with Lindsay Wood

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Kate’s off in distant places, so the ‘cast’s format gets shaken up a bit this week. In lieu of the usual Week in TV, Simon invites Adam Kempenaar of Filmspotting fame and Justine Smith of the Sound on Sight film podcast to discuss the first season of HBO’s Girls, which ended this past weekend with the calamitous “She Did.” After that, Kate rejoins Simon with the magic of editing and talks with Lindsay Wood of the Sound On Sight Doctor Who podcast about one of TV’s most iconic shows ever, Twin Peaks, in a somewhat supersized edition of the DVD Shelf.

Thanks to some unforeseen technical mishaps, this week’s chaptered edition comes in .m4b rather than .m4a format. It should still work in iTunes, but apologies for any difficulties that may crop up.

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