The Televerse #44- SDCC 2012 TV Preview

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Louie is back, and not coincidentally, so is our episode spotlight. After a look at the week’s TV, including fun, if not life-changing episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, Futurama, and Wilfred, the premieres of Twenty Twelve, Awkward., and Anger Management, the season finale of Eagleheart, and more mixed episodes of True Blood and The Newsroom (US), we gladly welcome Louie back to our televisions and lives with its highly entertaining season three premiere. Then we tackle the behemoth that is the San Diego Comic Con programming schedule, talking through what the Con has to offer in the realm of television.

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    Louie: I didn’t watch when it started on FX because I didn’t like Lucky Louie that was on HBO. But with all of the buzz from the last two seasons I’m adding it to my viewing list. And I like what I’ve seen. Can I just say that Melissa Leo seemed perfectly cast and at ease with her potty mouth!? :-)

    The Vampire Diaries: I got hooked on TVD and am finishing season 2. S3 shows up on DVD in August. It took me a while to get used to Ian Sommerhalder’s facial twitches but as his character softens his remarks now crack me up! And Nina Dobrev does a good job with the different personalities of Elena/Katherine.

    Damages: Season 4 is on DVD and is in my queue. Loved the first three seasons and looking forward to S4 even though S5 is starting on DireTV.

    Have fun at ComiCon! My friend from TV Guide, Damian Holbrook will be monitoring a few panels, including Fringe. Say hi to him!

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