The Televerse #48- Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace with Corey Atad

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This week, we spotlight Louie’s latest and go through a packed week in TV, including the premiere of Top Chef Masters, So You Think You Can Dance, Futurama, Awkward., Wilfred, Squidbillies, The Newsroom (US), Political Animals, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Lost Girl, Bunheads, and Alphas. Then we welcome Corey Atad of justAtadcast back to the DVD Shelf to look at the one season cult British series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.

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  1. Dan Heaton says

    Good show. My favorite Alpha is definitely Gary. Ryan Cartwright is superb in that role, and he mixes the humor and the difficulties in Gary’s personality just right.

    I’m with Kate about just hating Walt with a passion. I feel like he’s been so hard to like this year (purposely so) and seems lost to what’s happening with Skylar. I do agree with Simon’s point that in a weird way, he thinks that he’s helping Jesse while manipulating him. It’s a tricky performance, but Cranston pulls it off wonderfully.

  2. Kate Kulzick says

    Hey Keith- Great to know you’re still kicking around! Allison Mack is a welcome addition to Wilfred this season (or, as I’ve not seen s1, I really enjoy her on the show now). Thanks!

    Hey Pedro- Thanks for letting me know about the review being in the European iTunes store! I’d completely forgotten about that element to iTunes. lol on #1, right there with ya on #2, I need to catch up with 2/3 of #3, Alphas is definitely better than Heroes (#4), and thanks for the recommendations in #5!

  3. Pedro says

    One more thing :

    My iTunes review only appears in the Europpean store.


    Great show with fabulous hosts! They are both great, and have different feels and energy levels to them. Love the reviews and the suggestions. Keep up the great work. This is the best TV podcast.

  4. Pedro says

    Hi guys.

    Great episode.

    My opinions and sugestions:

    1) Political Animals : inept dialogue + preposterous acting performances + cliched plot points.

    2) Best current tvshows : Breaking Bad + Parks + Louie

    3) I look forward for the next seasons of: Treme + Boardwalk Empire + Boss; please review these shows, if possible.

    4)Never seen Alphas : How does it compare to Heroes? Better?

    5)Other current series worth mentioning : Suits + Longmire + Damages

    Thanks for the podcast

  5. Keith Viverette says

    Hi guys. Just thought i’d comment to let you know i’m still out here listening. I’m loving Louie and Breaking Bad.

    I also watch and like Bunheads even though, i’m behind because I watch far too much even during the summer.

    I never did finish Wilfred’s first season and was gonna say forget it but since I hear Allison Mack is on there this season I may just pick it up there.

    I’m a big fan of hers from watching her in Smallville.

    Anyhow its still fun to listen to you guys keep it up.

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