The Televerse #5- Quantum Leap with Rich Smith

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The Televerse is back with its latest episode. This week, Kate Kulzick and Simon Howell talk through our week in TV from Tuesday to Monday with a few more pilot reviews and looks at Ringer, New Girl, Glee, Up All Night, Free Agents, Modern Family, Top Chef: Just Desserts, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks and Rec, The Office, the Archer finale, Person of Interest, Supernatural, Fringe, the Doctor Who finale, The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, and How I Met Your Mother. Then we spotlight this week’s contentious Breaking Bad episode, “End Times”, and finish up with some Quantum Leap talk, with guest host Rich Smith from Movies You Should See and the rest of the Simply Syndicated podcast family joining us at the DVD Shelf.

Errata: In the DVD Shelf, Kate references something discussed on The Firewall and Iceberg Podcast and mistakenly credits The Paul Goebel Show. The Televerse regrets the error!

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  1. Tim says

    I loved watching Quantum Leap when it was on TV during High School. My mum is a big Sci-Fi fan, so she made sure we never missed an episode of it or Star Trek TNG. Funnily enough the Steven King episode is also the one that I remember the most.

  2. Kate Kulzick says

    Thanks for the comments, guys! It’s much appreciated!

    So, as of now we have 1 for Simon, 0 for me, and 1 for Switzerland? Ruh-roh.

  3. Sean says

    Regarding Breaking Bad, I fall in between Kate and Simon. Neither the best nor the worst episode of the series, it did contain some mesmerizing scenes as well as some head-scratching ones. I agree with Simon that it’s all about the finale – my opinion of “End Times” pretty much depends on how it plays out.

    Based on what’s currently on the air, I think once Breaking Bad ends that Homeland is the best candidate for the episode spotlight. That, or Fringe.

    (There, I commented!)

  4. tmack says

    About End Times, Br Ba–Like Simon, I have reservations about this episode. Character actions seem somewhat forced — Gus going to the hospital and leaving his car unattended in a secluded parking area; Jesse’s brain freeze, or regression, in blaming Walt for Brock’s mysterious illness. Although the episode was constructed to convey tension and dread, ultimately those elements weren’t really present, mostly because we the viewers knew that both Gus and Walt’s demise was unlikely at this point. Tyrus, still an unknown, is a character waiting to happen. Methinks his mother was a jackal.

    I don’t commit to tv series easily; so many are bad. But over the years, I have followed Dexter, and although the opening episode was shockingly pathetic, the upcoming addition of Mos Def as a rehabilitated murderer looks promising.

    Homeland is a new series that I found absolutely riveting! Claire Danes plays a covert CIA operative who has long specialized in Iraq matters. Apparently she dances on the edge of sanity, concealing from her superiors that she needs anti-psychotic medication to stabilize her mental health. In the opener, she locks onto a POW that Marines discovered in an Iraq hidey hole after being MIA for 8 years. Having been told that a POW was “turned” by al quaida forces, Dane’s character is suspicious of this returning hero and begins to illegally surveil him. Is he a Manchurian candidate? If the rest of the series is as good as this first episode, it’s got me as a viewer.

    As far as old series that are still fresh–Millennium, a Chris Carter series, about an intuitive former FBI agent, Frank Black, who gets involved with an apocalyptic group of investigators called the Millennium Group.

    Intelligence–an incredible Canadian series that shows how a new head of intelligence (played by Klea Scott) defeats old guard politics by digging up dirt on the local drug trade/organized crime and establishes its connections to CIA operations on Canadian soil. I cannot believe this series ended after only 3 seasons. It’s an instant stream on Netflix.

    Keep up the good work. I think it’s important to have an “anchor” show in this podcast (like BrBa), so I hope you’ll be able to find a series to replace BB once it ends. Many people also like Justified, The Killing, Sons of Anarchy–I’ve never watched these, but they are only so many hours in a week:)

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