The Televerse #51- The Chicago Code with Deepayan Sengupta

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To our surprise, we’re spotlightless this week. There are some interesting episodes from a couple different shows; we just can’t agree which. After talking through our week in TV, including So You Think You Can Dance, Futurama, Childrens Hospital, NTSF:SD:SUV::, Awkward., Wilfred, Louie, Bullet in the Face, the Copper pilot, The Newsroom (US), the Political Animals finale, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Grimm, the Bunheads summer finale, and Alphas, we welcome SOS contributor Deepayan Sengupta to the DVD Shelf to help us take a look at Shawn Ryan’s short-lived network police drama The Chicago Code.

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    There is a lot to say about the recent Breaking Bad episode but I’ll stick with a few thoughts stemming from the dinner scene right now, which was a particularly good. It pits Jesse, showing that he was raised to be a polite young man with table manners, against the dueling match of wills with Walt and Skyler. I’ve always been a fan of Skyler’s and liked how methodically involved she became in laundering the money and trying to make the scenario realistic. But this season, after learning Walt’s responsibility in the death of Gus, it just seems her character has gone from frightened to psychologically unstable to knowingly defiant. Is that a legitimate progression or should we have a little more insight to her thought process to accept this? Can we expect another stage in the profile for her to achieve, like doing something really drastic? I’m not sure she can stay mentally where she is now. A few more smokes and another glass of wine perhaps might soon lead Skyler hitting up Walt for a bump of the blue stuff.

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