The Televerse #53- Breaking Bad Season 5.0 with Ricky D

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With Breaking Bad finishing up its 2012 run, the summer TV season winding down, and TV taking Labor Day off, this was a fairly light week. After breaking down our week In TV, including Treme season two, American Ninja Warrior, The Daily Show/Colbert Report coverage of the RNC, Sex House, So You Think You Can Dance, the mid-season finale of Futurama, Childrens Hospital, NTSF:SD:SUV::, Awkward., Wilfred, Louie, the series seven premiere of Doctor Who, and Grimm, we welcome SOS’s own Ricky D back to the show to help us take a look at the mid-season finale of Breaking Bad, as well as the rest of this half-season.

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  1. Márcio says

    You guys are such negative nancys sometimes.

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      lol, yes. We certainly are.

  2. Ricky says

    squeamish … ahhhhh – that was Simon. I had to rewind that sequence and watch it again.

    I still think that this is a great season but as we addressed in the show, the character arcs / motivations and progression was a little sloppy. Every thing else was stellar !

  3. tmack says

    I disagree with statements on the decline of this show. In fact, I believe, in many ways, that Season 5.1 is a peak–in terms of story, cinematography, music, & production overall. There was only one episode I disliked–Buyout, which I found boring. Everything else was mesmerizing. Kind of reminds me of the dark bizarro world of the Coen Brothers.

    You Canadians are so squeamish. I loved the Godfather montage–the 2 minute prison killings sung to Nat King Cole. By the way, the lawyer was killed first; he was the one on the payphone. The last one killed was Dennis, the laundry manager. BB has become the champions of montage production–great use of cameras, scene sequencing, and music choice.

    I agree about Mike. The Mike I know would not have repeated a half-measure mistake. It’s like he lost all his tradecraft in this season. In his last episode, he would have smelled something fishy when the lawyer called & pressured him for a meeting & location. He never would have agreed to have Walt bring him his go-bag. He never would have turned his back on Walt. But the scenes were done so brilliantly that I forgive them.

    I’m not sure Hank will be able to bring Walt in, not without jeopardizing his entire family including himself. Best that Walt die and the law forget about Heisenberg. But that wouldn’t be too satisfying.

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