The Televerse #55- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 1

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We’re back to our regular format this week, with Louie in the spotlight and Steve Prokopy, Capone from Aint it Cool, joining us at the DVD Shelf to take a look at TV horror in the form of three TV movies and miniseries: 1979’s Salem’s Lot, 1971’s Duel, and 1973’s Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Before that, though, it’s a full week in TV, with pilots galore (The New Normal, Guys with Kids, The Mob Doctor, Revolution), a few finales (SYTYCD performance, Sex House, Lost Girl), a couple premieres (Parenthood, Boardwalk Empire), and much more (Childrens Hospital, NTSF:SD:SUV::, Awkward., Wilfred, Doctor Who, The Thick of It, The Voice, Alphas). Then, to wrap things up, we take a brief look at Sunday’s 2012 Emmy Awards, with our picks for the best series and lead/supporting actors.

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    My biggest Emmy cheers go to = Giancarlo Esposito who deserves to win Best Supporting Actor Drama! Go Girls! I like Modern Family but I’d be most happy with Bill Hader winning Best Supporting Actor Comedy. (Hi there, Stefan)

    This rant starts off with shows you’re not watching:
    The two USA programs I watch kinda reversed what I expect of them. White Collar generally pulls me in with involving weekly storylines and the humorous Peter’s (Tim DeKay) man-crush on Neal (Matt Bomer) but its expected resolution in the finale didn’t satisfy as much as Covert Affairs, which usually becomes background noise but ended the summer season with a pow-bang continuing story that has me looking forward to its return in a month. Not exactly why USA begins these shows in the summer only to give them a 1-2 month break for the rest of their season.

    I’ve been watching Misfits, which airs on Logo but has the full series on Hulu. Have you seen this? A slightly different take on super power heroes and very British. But please don’t make an American version!

    I picked up Syfy’s Face Off, which offers talented makeup artists a chance to succeed in a competition program. It works well for the station but a show I haven’t watched in a few years, Project Runway, has sucked me right back in with its hopeful designers and snarky judges. But mentor Tim Gunn really takes the cake for off-the-cuff comments, particularly during a challenge when the designers had to create their own fabric pattern and he called one “an homage to a menstrual cycle.” Cutting, funny, gross all at the same time.

    Top Chef Masters (or as Curtis Stone says Tawpe Shif Mahstahs) has its finale on Wednesday and I though the two who are left are most deserving I gained respect and a deep liking for Lorena Garcia. She is full of personality and appears to make great food. (Not sure it’s a good thing she doing Taco Bell commercials.)

    I’m ready to see how The Office wraps up but not sure I actually want to watch. I keep hearing we will learn about the documentary crew who is filming them…

    I would watch The Mob Doctor just to see Zeljko Ivanek but I’m not.
    Wilfred has been losing me this season but I’ll catch up on the finale. Louie could air weekly year-round! I don’t think they will go with Louie or Seinfeld for nighttime host – Letterman won’t step down!

    I’ve seen the first couple episodes for Homeland and Dexter (thankfully I still have connections at work). Homeland is still riveting and Dexter promises to pick itself up from a lackluster season last year.

    I had skipped the second season of Boardwalk Empire but after listening to an interview with Michael Shannon on Fresh Air questioned myself why I did that. (Michael Shannon was even engrossing in Premium Rush!) So last Sunday HBO aired an all-day marathon and since I was around the house most of the day left it on. I didn’t yet watch the season 3 premiere but I’ll be checking that out.

    And ready for a new season of Amazing Race and The Good Wife! Oh, yeah, and caught up on three seasons of The Vampire Diaries over the summer and can now watch it in real time too. Is that a good thing? Wow, I watch a lot of TV…

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