The Televerse #56- Friday Night Lights with Steph Smith

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With the Emmys over and done with, it’s officially the start of the fall network TV season. The pilots will come en masse next week, but, along with one of the best one-night comedy lineups in quite a while (Thursday’s Parks and Rec premiere, Wilfred finale, Childrens Hospital UK, NTSF:SD:SUV::, and the culmination of Louie’s three-part Late Night adventure, which we have in the spotlight this week), we did get premieres for Treme, How I Met Your Mother, Partners, and Castle, along with finales for SYTYCD, and Awkward.. After going through the rest of our week in TV, including Parenthood, Doctor Who, The Thick of It, the Emmys, The Voice, Alphas, and Revolution, we welcome Stephanie Smith from PotentialCast, RedemptionCast, and What’s On with Steph and Des to the DVD Shelf to help us take a nice long look at Jason Katim and Peter Berg’s beautiful and heartfelt series, Friday Night Lights.

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  1. Dan Heaton says

    I liked the pilot of Revolution but haven’t watched the next two episodes yet. It seems to have a lot of potential, though it also could become the next version of The Event or Flash Forward. We’ll see.

    On the other hand, I don’t have the same concerns with Last Resort, which had a great pilot. I love Andre Braugher from Homicide and the short-lived FX series Thief. Last Resort is really ambitious and has a huge cast, so I wonder about its long-term prospects. Still, it could be great if given the chance.

    I’m still not sure I understand what the problem was for Simon with this week’s Alphas. He mentioned one decision by Rosen about keeping information and the fact that Dani’s death was too long, but that was about it. What were the big issues? I loved the high stakes and the way the episode moved. After so much build-up in past weeks, it was great to see a lot of it pay off in this episode. I’ll admit that the Brent Spiner battle in the first season was probably better, but this was still a great episode.

    I still need to watch Friday Night Lights; it’s near the top of my “to watch” list. We still need to finish Angel and check out Season One of Homeland, but it will happen eventually.

  2. Keith Viverette says

    I love Friday Night Lights. It is in the top 10 of my
    all time favorite shows, so much so that I will buy a series set when it comes out. I’m glad you seem to so far at least like Revolution. I was really hyped for it and want to love it but after the pilot I was sorta underwhelmed in that I can see we have to love and root for Charlie to really love the show or it seems that way to me. I thought she was average after the pilot…not really pretty, not really sympathetic or really anything..just average. I’m glad to hear she gets better. I now will watch episode 2.

  3. Bob Phelan says

    Loved the FNL retrospective. What a great show, it is sorely missed. I was never able to convince my wife to watch it with me, maybe I can give it another run through on Netflix if she gives in.

    Have you guys done a DVD shelf segment on Men Of A Certain Age? Thats another one of my favorite series of the past few years.

    I watched the Ben and Kate pilot. It wasn’t great but I can see the potential. It felt oddly familiar for a first episode and not necessarily in a bad way. One to keep an eye on for sure.

  4. Mario in Philly says

    Thanks for the links!

  5. Mario in Philly says

    Ha! So nice to hear that Simon is doing “good!” Excellent!

    I wasn’t enjoying the second episode of Revolution but was sticking with it until I flipped channels during a commercial and landed on a rerun of Frasier and never went back. I think that says a lot. I think I didn’t like what you mentioned that, like in the pilot, there was a scene set up just to create a fight. I thought it made the characters looks silly. The opening flashback was the best part of the show. I don’t mind the blackout premise but the lame fight scene set ups bug me. I might check back in to learn more about the central mystery but it’s on the bubble. Since Simon stuck with Smash, I’ll give Revolution another shot. 

    I’m on board with Coach and Tami Taylor as Best Married Couple on TV ever! I too like the original characters on Friday Night Lights but Vince in the last few seasons has a lot of poignant moments. And yes, FNL does have the best music during the show — and I can’t explain why but the opening and closing theme songs make me emotional.

    And speaking of opening and closing theme songs, I had never heard of The Bicycles until I started listening to the podcast. The pop-y sound of the closing song has really grown on me and almost made me as emotional as FNL this week. (but that could also be due to lack of sleep and lots of extra bicycle riding while in training for an MS city to shore bike ride!)

    Money money makes a cloudy day sunny It’s so strange how nobody knows What money composed, Uh ahhh…

    1. Simon Howell says

      If you enjoy the theme, check out both Bicycles records, “The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly” and “Oh No, It’s Love.” Some representative samples:

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