The Televerse #59- The League of Gentlemen with Cath Murphy

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Five more premieres make this the most packed week yet this fall season. After talking through our week in TV (Ben and Kate, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Parenthood, 30 for 30, Key and Peele, the Arrow pilot, Supernatural, the Nashville pilot, 30 Rock, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiere, The Vampire Diaries premiere, the Beauty and the Beast pilots, Last Resort, Person of Interest, Grimm, Fringe, The Thick of It, The Amazing Race, Call the Midwife, The Good Wife, Dexter, Homeland, The Voice, Alphas, Revolution), we spotlight this week’s episode of Treme, “The Greatest Love”, and then welcome SOS and Slutty Lemon’s Cath Murphy to the DVD Shelf to help us take a look at British comedy The League of Gentlemen.

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  1. Ken from Chicago says

    Why the Internet prefers ARROW over REVOLUTION:

    1) It starts with the first press release for REVOLUTION that described society living in a world without “power”, and failing to specify electrical power, much less artificial electrical power. That was a omen that TPTB did not truly get science fiction and will be sloppy in sweating the details and that the show would be riddled with plotholes and gaffes in the consequences of the show they’ve created.

    2) The lead for ARROW–and his abs–is a lot more convincing a hero than the lead for REVOLUTION. I don’t blame the actors for that, I blame those responsible for casting. Altho in REVOLUTION’s case, judging by the end of last episode, it could be they were trying to present Charlie as wide-eyed and naive, but now she’s toughened up (and prone to overdo the “Are you coming?” speech despite Miles and the rebel woman had far more experience in the fight).

    3) PNB TV’s track record with genre shows is … shaky. LOST’s final season and series finale. FLASHFORWARD. V. INVASION. HEROES’ final season(s). THE EVENT. DAY ONE (wiki that one), JERICHO, THRESHOLD, and let’s not talk about Fox.

    That all said, I watch and enjoy both shows (Giancarlo and computer hacking wifi arrows FTW), but I understand the concerns The Internet has with REVOLUTION over ARROW. In contrast, FRINGE has raised a higher bar of disbelief and, except for last season, managed to meet or exceed it–for The Internet.

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. Why don’t they use fireflies, electric eels, and other forms of BIO-electric power on REVOLUTION

  2. Mario in Philly says

    Oh, and I forgot to ask if anyone is watching SCANDAL! I could watch it on a loop. It’s amazing with all the tv I watch that there is any time left for work let alone hobbies like baking, biking and movie-ing! :-)

  3. Mario in Philly says

    There are a lot of new shows worth checking out but there isn’t a lot of time in the week to watch them all let alone remembering when they all air. Watched pilots for MINDY PROJECT, LAST RESORT and NASHVILLE but didn’t remember to come back. I’ll try to find time. Plus a coworker gave me the first season of VERONICA MARS to watch, which is good and I’m seven episodes in but there is a film festival coming to Philly and I’ll have even less TV viewing time.

    Last season I started PERSON OF INTEREST but dropped off after 4-5 episodes. May have to return at a later date. I drifted away from TREME after season one and need to drift back. I came back to BOARDWALK EMPIRE because of the actors, particularly Michael Shannon, so I know I should do the same with Treme.

    HOMELAND continues to keep me glued to the screen. I had available the next two upcoming episodes and was only going to watch one to stay current with the coming week but after the developments had to watch the following episode. This show is just going where you think it should go but couldn’t possibly go there – but it does go there! That’s all I’m saying. I’m constantly amazed at Clare Danes’ performance. She gets that certain look in her eye and with what some of the other characters say about Carrie while she’s standing right in front of them, you can’t help but think that she’s boiling inside, hurt and simultaneously just letting the comments roll off. It’s a perfect blend of insecurity, frustration and knowing determination rolled into one.

    I caught the premiere of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I know you guys weren’t on board so much with the first season but I thought there was some creepy mystery that was well-played but this season is off to a way crazy start! It’s like they’ve thrown a bunch of seasonings together into one soup pot wanting to create a new original stew but not sure what flavor they want to dominate – except crazy!

    I’m sucking in the AMAZING RACE poll but, like last season, I started off slow and moved up fast in the end. It seems as if even the good teams are just good and not excellent so that’s what is making it more difficult than usual to predict.

    After several preposterous scenes that were clearly presented only to set up fight scenes I stopped watching REVOLUTION after the second episode. When they find out what happened to the electricity please let me know.

    I’m also trying to stay on top of GRIMM, DEXTER, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, GOOD WIFE, COVERT AFFAIRS, WALKING DEAD… and VAMPIRE DIARIES! (ONCE UPON A TIME and REVENGE have been reduced to the category of “I’ll see them when/if I see them.”)

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