The Televerse #70- 2012 Best Of Smorgasborgy

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On last week’s podcast, we talked about the Top 10 TV Series of 2012. This week, we discuss just about every other category you can think of. From more expected ones like Best Performance or Best Pilot to the more obscure Best Dance Sequence and Favorite “F*ck Yeah!” Moment, we break down the year in TV, both the good and the bad.

The music used in this episode is taken from various TV moments throughout the year, including our picks for Best Original Song, “Like a Prayer” as performed by Mandonna on Happy Endings, and “Brotherhood of Man” as performed by the casts of several NBC shows for a Superbowl commercial.

Errata: “If I Didn’t Know Better” from Nashville is not in fact an original song. It was written and performed by the Civil Wars in 2009. The Televerse regrets the error!

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    Ah, I thought everyone had forgotten about MANdonna! Thanks for including that Happy Endings clip — I just cracked up in the office with my headphones on!
    OK, I was glad I caught up with Boardwalk Empire this year, it looks like I’ll have to catch up with seasons 2 and 3 of Treme.
    A show I forgot that I had lots of fun with this year – Bunheads! Glad that got a mention.
    I too, am sorry there won’t be another season of The Fades.
    I agree with Simon’s WTF moment with Parker Posey on the finale of Louie. But I think that, like Vampire Diaries going for it with Elena, the arrest in Dexter’s finale was a good move. I have my own thoughts of how I’d like to see Dexter end the series this year (with him moving anonymously to another city or country and still doing what he does.)
    Scandal gets my best drama of the year because it’s the one show that I look forward to more than most. (Honorable Mentions = B’walk Empire, Justified)
    Girls = best new comedy. Honorable mention = Bunheads.
    Show I’m most looking forward to its return and its end = Breaking Bad!

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