The Televerse #77- House of Cards Season 1

Cable and network TV midseason premieres continue this week with the pilot of Zero Hour and the season premieres of Southland and The Amazing Race, but of the three, only two shows will make the cut for continued week-to-week coverage on the podcast. These make for a fun week in TV this time, then we spotlight The Americans’ latest, “Gregory”, and dive into an in-depth look at season one of House of Cards, which hopefully listeners will have been able to finish over the past few weeks.

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Season Spotlight: House of Cards Season 1 (1:09:52)
The Americans (58:24)

Our Week in TV:
Justified (6:14)
Top Chef Seattle (12:32)
Supernatural (15:42)
Southland premiere (18:11)
Tuesday and Thursday Comedies (22:26)
Zero Hour pilot (30:01)
The Vampire Diaries (32:09)
The Amazing Race premiere (37:55)
Bob’s Burgers (43:03)
Girls (44:35)
The Good Wife (50:14)
Bunheads (54:48)

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