The Televerse #78- Caprica with Chris Piers

The cast of Syfy's Caprica

Thanks to the number of interesting TV episodes to discuss, the podcast this week is on the long side, perhaps inspired by the Oscars. After briefly previewing Tuesday night’s CBS pilot Golden Boy, we kick off a strong week in TV, the Cult pilot, part one of the Top Chef Seattle finale, the Oscars telecast, and the winter (read: season, perhaps series) finale of Bunheads. Then, for the first time since episode 11, two shows share the episode spotlight: Spartacus: War of the Damned and The Vampire Diaries. Afterwards, we keep the genre talk going by welcoming Chris Piers of Television Zombies to the DVD Shelf to help us break down the flawed but intriguing Caprica.

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DVD Shelf: Caprica with Chris Piers (1:19:39)
Spotlight: Spartacus (1:00:10) and The Vampire Diaries (1:09:59)

Our Week in TV:
Golden Boy pilot (5:32)
Tuesday Comedies (7:01)
Cult pilot (10:04)
Justified (14:00)
Top Chef Seattle (18:34)
Southland (21:43)
The Americans (26:11)
Thursday Comedies (30:38)
The Oscars (38:10)
The Amazing Race (44:54)
Girls (48:36)
Bunheads finale (54:03)

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