The Televerse #79- Bunheads with Erik Adams

The cast of Bunheads

After last week’s doom and gloom, we’re focusing on the happy side of TV for this week’s podcast (for the most part). After a surprisingly full week in TV, including the Top Chef Seattle finale, a preview of next week’s Grimm midseason premiere, and the Red Widow pilot, we spotlight last week’s highly quotable and moving episode of Justified, ”Outlaw”. Then we welcome on The A.V. Club‘s TV Editor, Erik Adams to help us take a look at the infectiously joyful first season of Bunheads.

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DVD Shelf: Bunheads with Erik Adams (1:04:33)
Spotlight: Justified (51:24)

Our Week in TV:
Tuesday Comedies (7:03)
Cult (9:54)
Top Chef Seattle (11:53)
Nashville (15:59)
Southland (17:05)
The Americans (18:60)
Thursday and Sunday Comedies (23:16)
Grimm midseason premiere preview (29:41)
Spartacus: War of the Damned (30:26)
The Amazing Race (35:50)
Girls (39:19)
Red Widow pilot (44:08)
The Good Wife (47:15)

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