The Televerse #85- Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 2

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It’s a very full week of television this time on the podcast with shows from every genre showing up in a big way. We go through the week’s comedy, genre, reality, and finally drama TV before spotlighting (yes, the spotlight is back!) Southland’s intense, gripping episode, “Chaos”. Then we welcome Steve Prokopy, Capone from AICN, back to the DVD Shelf for his second installment of Horror Picks; this time, we take a look at two very memorable Stephen King miniseries, IT and Storm of the Century.

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DVD Shelf: Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 2 (1:16:50)
Spotlight: Southland, “Chaos” (1:04:26)

Our Week in Comedy
Archer (10:34)
Community (12:23)
The Mindy Project (13:16)
New Girl (15:39)

Our Week in Genre
Doctor Who (26:00)
Orphan Black (31:36)
Spartacus finale (33:42)

Our Week in Reality (39:01)

Our Week in Drama
Mad Men (43:28)
Hannibal (49:16)
The Americans (50:32)
The Good Wife (53:04)
Top of the Lake (57:29)

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  1. Mario in Philly says

    The teams that I liked on The Amazing Race were eliminated early. So each week it’ just been a matter of voting for who is mostly likely to be eliminated next.
    Bates and Anthony are now my #1 pick because they seem strongest and nice guys. I really don’t like the rest. Glad Chuck and Wynona are gone. Hoping the bloggers are next. Can’t stand Max, I have no connection to roller derby moms and then the singers.
    I also remember the last cheese challenge. Wasn’t Mike White and his father in that race?
    The race itself is still a good one, it’s the teams that are lackluster.

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