The Televerse #87- Dollhouse with Kate Rennebohm

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This week on the podcast, we’re back to more balanced split of television, between comedy, genre, and drama. First we break down the week in comedy, focusing on Bob’s Burgers and Veep, then genre, focusing on Orphan Black and Doctor Who, then reality, and finally drama, particularly Mad Men and The Americans. Then we spotlight the season finale of The Good Wife, “What’s in the Box?”, before welcoming SOS contributor Kate Rennebohm to the DVD Shelf to take a look at the black sheep of the Joss Whedon TV family, Dollhouse.

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DVD Shelf: Dollhouse with Kate Rennebohm (1:09:31)
Spotlight: The Good Wife finale, “What’s in the Box?” (58:10)

Our Week in Comedy
Bob’s Burgers (13:50)
Veep (15:55)

Our Week in Genre
Orphan Black (23:08)
Doctor Who (26:59)

Our Week in Reality (34:33)

Our Week in Drama
Hannibal (41:12)
Mad Men (43:58)
Rectify (49:17)
The Americans (52:21)

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  1. Kate Kulzick says

    Thanks for your comments, Brian and Sektos! Brian: Actually, we’re both wrong- hard scifi means rooted in actual legit science. So you can have hard scifi in space or on Earth, but I shouldn’t have described Dollhouse this way. I should’ve said “true” scifi or somesuch. Also, I’d never pigeon hole Whedon as just a comedy guy and *checks wallet* yup, my geek card’s still there. I don’t think shows should start at the end, but I think Dollhouse hugely benefited from making its metaphysical discussions very, very real in Epitaph One.

    Sektos- Good point about Community, but it still didn’t work for me on that level. I’d like to think at least Abed, who’s always watching and taking mental notes, could do a better or less superficial Troy. Or that he’d go the other way and do a more heightened take. I think the performances fell into an uncanny valley for me. Then again, the internet seems to disagree with me on this, so you’re certainly not alone in liking it. As for Dollhouse, I think you can have a show be plenty serious and rooted in very dark, real issues and still let it have a sense of humor. But I’m with you on the missions- more creativity on the uses for the Dolls (and frankly, more female clients of any sort) would’ve certainly helped.

  2. Sektos says

    Hay guys another good podcast.

    @Kate- With Community got disagree about Troy and Abed. Its not the actors playing the opposite character, its them playing Troy and Abed pretending to be the other person and how they view them and their ticks- hence the more roboitc and hand gestury ‘Abed’ and smoother ‘Troy’

    With Dollhouse-
    LOVED the show, and yeah got to MASSIVELY diagree about makign in funnier. Its meant to be a serious show about series topic and themes. The humor they had was good, and if they had had more it would really had undermined the show. Just like with the mandate to make the show more episodic (which ruined alot of S01 and start 02), the ‘request’ to make it lighter definitely runined alot of the potential of the show and many of the episodes (as Kate R also said).

    Its funny watching unaired pilot and seeing the final scene of ‘aired’ S01 or penultimate episode, how alot more was meant to happen and alot faster, BUT this was still before serialization had become alot more accepted and praised.

    Its with the later part of S02 that the show hits full stem except for penultimate, quick-rap up episode, bringing in more serialisation, drama and greater conspiracies.

    Personally some improvements i’d make- Not have the location and ppl called Dollhouse and Dolls. the name Dollhouse has so many implecations thematically with the evil corp, so its so on the nose have it be the name. Also we got hints at greater use of Tech- amping up bodies, immortality thru mind removal, downloading skills, mentally connecting people to thru comp networks and wireless with chips. If they had just added Cloning, more with cybernetics and Genetically Modifying ppl, the theme of Evil Corp ‘playing’ with people and society as part of sick game and for power would have been complete and more interesting; rather than just prostitution for majority, with side quests of uncover cop/action-hero

  3. Brian Pratpick says

    1. Crapica was definitely worse
    2. Are you seriously suggesting at the end, when you talk about brainwipe, that shows should start with the end? That’s the ultimate SPOILER attitude, are you ‘insane’???? ;) ;) :)

    Sorry, but that’s weird.

  4. Brian Pratpick says

    Also, the fact that Topher created the technology and IS also the comic relief is quite devious, since it taps into the whole ‘banality of evil’ thing. yes, he invented something evil AND he laughs about it, so it becomes even more evil. Yhe Amy Acker – Boyd saga is good and they have the best scene.
    And NOOOOHOOO, I really liked the opening song, it was my favorite song of the season.
    Now, it’s credits song of Once Upon a Time.


  5. Brian Pratpick says

    First off, this is NOT hard scifi, hard scifi is most definitely always in space, it’s about much more technical stuff, but

    And I really resent this pigeon holing of Whedon into a goofball action comedy person, with some supernatural stuff added. I mean, REALLY?? You disliked Dollhouse because it was not funny enough? This is why we call Americans so superficial. You just lost your geek card.

    Second, I really liked the show, too much humor can be tiresome. Do we really want the Beatles to always sound like Sgt Pepper? Not me.

    Plus, I liked neither dislike Echo character, maybe she could have been cast better, but who?

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