The Televerse #88- The Americans Season 1 with Randy Dankievitch

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We had a lot to say this week on the podcast, thanks to a full and at times controversial week in television. First we look at a handful of the week’s many comedies, then spend some quality time with genre (in particular a certain misbehaving Doctor), then tip our hat to some reality winners, and finally dive into some drama before spotlighting the fantastic “Plato’s Cave” from Rectify. Afterwards, Randy Dankievitch from Processed Media and SOS joins us to take a look at what has been a hugely successful first season for The Americans.

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Season Spotlight: The Americans Season 1 with Randy Dankievitch (1:31:41)
Spotlight: Rectify, “Plato’s Cave” (1:16:33)

Our Week in Comedy
Make Kate Watch: The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family (9:27)
Family Tools pilot (12:13)
Maron pilot (13:21)
Parks and Recreation finale (18:37)
Happy Endings finale (21:27)
Comedy Picks of the Week (26:43)

Our Week in Genre
Game of Thrones (28:20)
The Vampire Diaries (30:12)
Orphan Black (32:23)
Doctor Who (37:08)

Our Week in Reality
The Amazing Race finale (48:02)
The Voice (55:46)

Our Week in Drama
Make Kate Watch: Scandal (1:03:12)
Hannibal (1:04:55)
Mad Men (1:09:03)

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