The Televerse #89- The Prisoner with Zack Handlen

Patrick McGoohan as The Prisoner

The premieres and finales continue this week, giving us plenty of TV to discuss on the podcast. First we look at the comedies, then break down the genre offerings, then Kate looks at The Voice for our reality segment, and then we look at the prestige dramas before spotlighting the latest episode of Hannibal, “Sorbet”. Finally, we welcome Zack Handlen from The A.V. Club to the DVD Shelf to help us take a look at the influential, and delightfully crazy, 1967 cult series The Prisoner.

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DVD Shelf: The Prisoner with Zack Handlen (1:16:35)
Spotlight: Hannibal, “Sorbet” (1:03:25)

Our Week in Comedy
Make Kate Watch: Adventure Time (11:32)
Inside Amy Schumer (15:39)
Family Tree pilot (19:18)
Community finale (22:31)
Bob’s Burgers finale (25:34)
Veep (27:27)

Our Week in Genre
Game of Thrones (30:00)
Grimm/The Vampire Diaries (32:38)
Doctor Who (34:02)
Orphan Black (42:24)

Our Week in Reality: The Voice (46:49)

Our Week in Drama
Rectify (54:12)
Mad Men (57:29)

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