The Televerse #9- Spaced with Craig Bevan

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For the first time, Simon and Kate manage to record in the same room, which is very exciting indeed. On the quick-opinion docket: Suburgatory, South Park, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks and Recreation, the premiere of Beavis and Butt-head, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The League, Prime Suspect, Supernatural, Chuck, Boss, the Allen Gregory pilot, The Amazing Race, Kate’s take on The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, and finally How I Met Your Mother. Homeland is, predictably, back in the spotlight this week, but Happy Endings joins it thanks to its stellar Halloween episode. Finally, Craig Bevan of Movies You Should See joins us for a DVD Shelf segment on everyone’s favorite cult UK pop-culture-addled comedy, Spaced.

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  1. Dan Heaton says

    Kate, I love the Amazing Race and have watched every season since way back in Season 2. I’m enjoying this season but also have found the non-elimination legs to be a bit frustrating. They’ve actually had some seasons in the past with four non-elimination legs, so it’s not unprecedented that we’ll see more. It is weird to have so many this early, though. Most of the NE legs usually fall when they’re down to 4-6 teams, with just one or two early in the season. I really hope they start kicking out some teams going forward. We still could be subject to one of those double-legs where Phil tells them that they’re still racing at the end too. Mario makes a good point that it might relate to location for Elimination Station, but my guess is that they’re just mixing it up this year.

    I’d heard about Spaced from some friends but haven’t seen it yet. After hearing the DVD Shelf segment, I’m moving it near the top of the list. Once I get through the first season of Boardwalk Empire, this one is next. It definitely sounds like my kind of show, especially with all the references to other movies.

    Great episode once again. It was fun to hear both of you guys in the same room this time.

  2. Mario in Philly says

    First, I can tell you’re both in the same room. Congrats!
    I’m a total Amazing Race freak! And I missed the first nine races. TAR was previously the only CBS show I watched but caught up on seasons one and two of The Good Wife over the summer and have now added Alicia Floreck to the mix. Then there is Walking Dead on Sunday evening, which is going to air an hour earlier this coming week to make way for Hell on Wheels. (Do I have to watch that?) So even when CBS programming isn’t delayed due to football, Sunday night is a huge clusterf**k for me. Wednesday at 10pm is too, with Top Chef, Am Horror Story and Luther/Whitechapel on BBC America.
    Regarding the third non-elim round of TAR, I’m not fond of it either but we don’t know what is to come. Perhaps there will be an upcoming double elimination round. Sometimes I wonder if where the teams are located has something to do with the non-elim, as if it’s really hard to send them back to Elimination Station, if there even is one this round.
    The Good Wife is the perfect mix of a procedural and a continuing story. The procedural stories don’t seem hokey and far-fetched. The characters are all great (still love Kalinda but her ante needs to be upped) and the acting is pretty good all around. But it’s the continuing story – however slow moving – that keeps me glued.
    And it hit me this week that Saul on Homeland may not be all that he originally appeared to be. Could it be that the episode title, Blind Spot, might actually apply to something that we the viewers have been missing?
    I’ve always felt Brody has been turned if for no other reason than there would be little payoff for the viewer if he wasn’t. To have all of the suspicions and surveillance turn out to be unfounded would be a letdown and a shoulder shrug. But nonetheless I’m always mesmerized by Damian Lewis’ performance. Even though we get some flashbacks, you can never really be sure what he knows.
    Never watched Spaced. Does anyone watch the BBC show MI-5 (aka Spooks)? I end up watching it on DVD so perhaps this could be considered for the DVD Shelf. It looks like the tenth and final season is airing or has aired in the UK. It’s the most exciting spy show I’ve ever watched and has much more character attention than “24” could ever have hoped to be.

  3. Ren says

    Been a long time S.O.S. listener and am digging the show. It’s the only TV podcast I listen to and you cover the all the stuff that I watch so that helps. On S.O.S. podcasts Simon has gone on about his liking for The Shield and the Wire so hopefully they won’t be to far long for the DVD shelf segment or maybe their own special episodes. Hopefully Freaks and Geeks will be covered for the DVD shelf soon. It was the only TV show in my eyes to have the perfect run alongside The Adventures of Lano and Woodley. Keep up the good work and here’s an alternate title for your show, The Good Times TV podcast. Zing.

  4. Chrystina says

    Have to say, best podcast intro ever! Love it!
    And Kate, you are great. So proud of you… my little girl’s all grown up. (also, weird that you are American but sound just like Ellen Page)
    Say hi to Jesse for me!

  5. Keith Viverette says

    Thank You guys for this show. I know its only 9 episodes old but its already more consistent or as consistent than some other podcasts I tried to listen to for tv coverage.

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