The Televerse #90- Bored to Death with Scott Meslow

It’s finalepalooza this week on the podcast, with the network TV season coming to a close. First we take a look at the comedic finales, as well as the pilot for The Goodwin Games, then we move on to genre, talk Game of Thrones, a slue of finales, and Orphan Black, then continue with reality, and finish with a couple drama finales, as well as Hannibal. Then we spotlight Mad Men’s amphetamine-fueled, “The Crash” before welcoming Scott Meslow from The Week to the DVD Shelf to help us take a look at the short-lived and under-appreciated Bored to Death.

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DVD Shelf: Bored to Death with Scott Meslow (1:29:38)
Spotlight: Mad Men, “The Crash” (1:17:54)

Our Week in Comedy
The Goodwin Games pilot (10:13)
Make Kate Watch: The Office series finale (12:20)
New Girl finale (17:15)
The Mindy Project finale (21:48)

Our Week in Genre
Game of Thrones (30:27)
Grimm finale preview (32:53)
Supernatural finale (34:48)
The Vampire Diaries finale (39:01)
Doctor Who finale (46:28)
Orphan Black (51:33)

Our Week in Reality: The Voice and SYTYCD (56:55)

Our Week in Drama
Scandal finale (1:03:10)
Hannibal (1:06:03)
Rectify finale (1:10:52)

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