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The Televerse #95- Hannibal Season 1 with Ricky D

It was a big week for TV, giving us plenty to discuss on the podcast. After taking a few minutes to reflect on the notable TV-related deaths of the past week, we dive into our week in comedy, including the Hot in Cleveland live midseason premiere, a catch-up with Nathan For You, the Veep finale, the Wilfred premiere, and more. Then after a quick look at SYTYCD, we look at the dramas, with our preview of next week’s Ray Donovan pilot, another crazy True Blood, and the Under the Dome pilot. Next up is a lengthy spotlight on the eventful Mad Men finale, “In Care Of”, and we close by welcoming SoS’s own Ricky D back to the podcast to break down the Hannibal finale, “Savoureux”, as well as the season as a whole.

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Season Spotlight: Hannibal Season 1 with Ricky D (1:09:29)
Spotlight: Mad Men, “In Care Of” (48:48)

In Memoriam (11:15)

Our Week in Comedy
Make Kate Watch: Hot in Cleveland premiere (16:26)
Nathan For You (19:00)
Comedy Roundup: Family Tree, Veep, Wilfred, The Venture Bros. (21:35)

Our Week in Reality: SYTYCD (25:41)

Our Week in Drama
Ray Donovan pilot (28:50)
True Blood (34:42)
Under the Dome pilot (42:09)
The Killing (47:06)

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  1. Yaz says

    I caught an episode of Hannibal a few weeks ago on tv and felt compelled to stop it, and watch the whole season once it was finished. Canada Day was spent burning through 13 episodes and man, does it play out amazingly well in one sitting. Great series and very excited to see where it goes from here.


    I think the only issues I had with it came to the closing episode though. I thought it was brilliantly put together and a great closer nonetheless, but the idea of everyone turning so completely on Will without even the slightest doubt – it felt a bit cliched to me. You get a bit of closure from Alana in that sense, but them accepting the evidence so freely and easily felt sloppy – I would think with the FBI there would be a possible exploration of more theories – especially when there is when it’s applied to other serial killers in the series.

    I’ll also say I found Will’s ‘switch’ from friend to foe in the eyes of Hannibal a bit rushed and unmotivated. I remember watching that moment where Hannibal’s face is blurred through the eyes of Georgia Madchen – my first instinct was that it was done to protect the MRI results from reaching Will in the future – my second was it was done out of an itch Hannibal had to kill after sharing information with his colleague. When Will states it was done to frame him, well, I never in a million years understood why that would be.

    I never truly found that moment where Hannibal decides that he has to get rid of Will, through one means or another… Would love to hear your thoughts on when that moment was – if there was one.

    Lastly, when it comes to the next season, I think we’ll be seeing Will in jail for at least half of it. Fact is he’s been charged with some heavy stuff. Even once they fix him up mentally, and his brain makes somewhat of a recovery, there’s still evidence stacked against him and it would make no sense to have him released working his own case. I’m thinking either a new character is brought into the fold, or we have Jack/Freddie/Alana believing him, having him assist from inside, and try to connect crimes to Hannibal. In order for Will to be released, Hannibal must be found guilty – to be honest, we could very well see the whole season revolve around that arch.

    Anyway, I ramble. Apologies. Great show. Season 2 can’t come soon enough!

  2. Julius says

    Top 3 shows of the year:
    1. Hannibal
    2. Mad Men
    3. Justified

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