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The Televerse #97- SDCC 2013 TV Preview

It’s another light week for television, but thanks to the official schedule for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con being released, we have a long podcast for you. First we preview this Wednesday’s Camp pilot, then take a look at the week in comedy, including the finales of Inside Amy Schumer, Gravity Falls, and Family Tree, and finally we talk through some reality before digging in to Under the Dome.

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SDCC 2013 TV Preview (51:44)

Our Week in Comedy
Inside Amy Schumer finale (12:18)
Gravity Falls finale (15:02)
Family Tree finale (17:29)
The Venture Bros. (21:23)

Our Week in Reality
American Ninja Warrior (26:49)
The American Baking Competition (28:07)
SYTYCD (32:08)
Under the Dome (40:11)

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  1. Spiral says

    I like your podcasts but I don’t understand what the logic is behind the “Taking a break” musical interludes periodically.

    I mean, sure you need to take a break now and then but can’t you just stop and then restart recording or just take the break and edit the gap out later?

    Not to be negative, overall I’m very positive on the podcast.

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      Thanks for the feedback, Spiral! We’ll address this on the next (meaning #99) podcast, but the short answer is, the break’s not for us.

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