The trailer for Terrence Malick’s ‘Knight of Cups’ finally arrives



The reclusive Terrence Malick is currently in the most prolific and productive phase of his career, but also his most polarizing. The Tree of Life may be the best movie of this decade, and its spiritual successor To The Wonder may be one of the director’s worst. Or depending on who you talk to, that assessment might be the exact opposite. Regardless, Malick remains the most curiously intriguing American director alive, and hours after it was announced that his latest film would be among the premieres at the Berlin Film Festival in February, a trailer has arrived for his latest film, Knight of Cups.

Knight of Cups stars Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Imogen Poots, Cate Blanchett and about a dozen other name actors who probably only appear in voiceover narration or background conversation to Emmanuel Lubezki’s (The Tree of Life, Gravity, Birdman) elliptical camera. This is a much darker trailer of surreal, trippy images of celebrity and high lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean a Terrence Malick movie doesn’t also have frolicking on the beach, babies crawling and shots of prism like office building interiors ascending into the heavens.

No official release date has yet been announced. Watch the trailer below:

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