‘Troll Hunter’ Gets a Nice New Poster

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We’ve written a lot about Trollhunter, a mockumentary which follows a group of Norwegian college students as they go searching for real life trolls that are being kept secret by the Norwegian government. For the film, indie filmmaker Andre Ovredal, combined the mockumentary genre with the first person hand-held camera style made popular by the Blair Witch Project. Our first review came from Emmet way back in 2010 when it premiered at Fantastic Fest, who said “for fans of fantasy and viewers ready to suspend some disbelief, The Trollhunter is a charming, sort of moving, little journey”. The most recent review came from Josh who watched it at the True or False Film Festival last month and called it, “a clever satire of authority and propaganda that is not only relevant to Norway but also to America”. I’m not expecting Trollhunter to be a great film, but based on what I have read, I do expect it to be a lot of fun. Here is the brand new one sheet for the film. Enjoy.

Via Horror-Movies.ca

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