The UK Trailer for ‘The Green Inferno’ Is Big on Environmentalism and Screaming

Say what you will about cult horror director Eli Roth, when he wants to make and release a film he bloody well does it, come hell or high water. His latest film, The Green Inferno, has seen its fair share of stumbling blocks. From the beginning, accusations of racial insensitivity have plagued the film, which is intended as a tribute to early 1980s cannibal exploitation movies like Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox. Then financial difficulties with the film’s backers caused the wide release to be delayed ‘indefinitely‘, even after it had begun to make the rounds at film fests. But Roth never quit, and now his blood-soaked cannibal opus is finally getting a full release…..or maybe “it’s being unleashed” is a better way to put it. The film sees a team of young, idealistic environmentalist crusaders stranded in the Amazon rainforest and captured, and horrifically tortured, by a tribe of natives. By all accounts, The Green Inferno is a serious piece of business, harrowing and gruesome as they come. The film’s delayed release has probably only helped its future box-office numbers, with the anticipation and buzz growing over the long delay period.

The new UK trailer for the film certainly paints a harrowing picture, and you can watch the trailer in preparation for the film’s limited theatrical run and home video release in mid-late February.

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