The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 1: “Days Gone Bye”

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For the first time ever, Sound on Sight is taking on a television series, and with good reason. Robert Kirkman’s widely popular zombie comic series The Walking Dead has shuffled its way to AMC, and we’ll be reviewing all six of the first season’s episodes as they air. Will showrunner Frank Darabont succeed in his mission to bring serialized,  no-holds-barred genre fare to the small screen?

  1. moviegeek2000 says

    Really enjoy your podcast on the walking dead (well, in fact I always enjoy your pocasts).
    Here’s my review of the first episode

  2. Moeez says

    I liked The Mist too, it had a very unique hopeless tone to it for a horror movie. It had an annoying ending, not-so-good acting, and one-note characters. But some of the situations, scenes, and the most hateful religious nut in a movie I’ve ever seen, gave redeeming value.

    This however, WALKING DEAD, is greatness. The network should give this show all the budget it can give, looks nothing like a tv show. Excellent acting, cinematography, pacing, characterisation, and suspense was top-notch. I’m not getting any of the annoying vibes that Darabont brought to his films.

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