The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 10 “Save The Last One”

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If you’re an avid Walking Dead viewer, you might have noticed that last night’s “Save the Last One” employed some fancy new editing and aesthetic techniques to go with the usual blood n’ gore. We noticed too, and we’ll weigh in on the show new moves, as well as the episode’s shocking closing minutes, which throw in a heavier dose of moral ambiguity than ever.


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Charles Daniel’s Band – “The Devil Went Down To Georgia In Style”

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  1. Ken from Chicago says

    Um, no, the most expendable character in the group is Carol, the sobbing, crying mom. She nearly got them killed in the season debut on the highway. The only thing that stopped her from crying out was Lori physically covering her mouth. I would say like Carol was a little girl–except the ACTUAL little girl, Sophia, had enough self-control to not cry out without ANYONE covering her mouth.

    No, they need Rick to continue because he strives to make the “correct” moral choice. Everyone else is much looser morally, willing to bend morals left and right. However the tough moral choice he could face is if Sophia finally returns to Carol–in the worst way possible. And Carol asks Rick to shoot her.

    Clearly the group is infected with the LOST lack-of-curiousity syndrome. How often did they refuse to ask obvious questions?

    As for the dead bodies, I’m thinking at some point the government gassed them to stop the zombies–but had trouble adjusting the intensity of the gas and … woops … highway of death.

    Oh, and I agree, Daryl has become my favorite character on the show. I could watch a spinoff series of MAD DARYL BEYOND THE ZOMBIE DOME. He totally rocks.

    — Ken from Chicago (who hadn’t realized how different the show was from the comic books)

    P.S. Carol’s crying was so bad, both Daryl and Andrea CHOSE to face zombies at night in the woods than continue to hear it.

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