The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 11: “Cherokee Rose”

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Kate Kulzick is back after taking last week off, to join Ricky D and Simon Howell and talk some more Walking Dead.


Music Playlist

R.E.M. – “I Walk With A Zombie”

Natalia Kill – “Zombie”

  1. Shawn says

    Great show guys. I really do think that TWD is one of the best shows on TV right now, and that it’s use of time to build its characters up is darn well amazing. I am hoping that very soon they manage to get a bett hold on the dialogue, but seeing as they are only 10 episodes in I think they are doing a great job.
    I do agree with all of you that Daryl is an amazing character, and I wonder when they are going to pull him away from the fans.
    Oh and the barn, oh the barn.

  2. Bill Thompson says

    On the topic of the well, I think that sequence made perfect sense. The sequence of events is all about stupidity, and that is why T-Dog’s final reaction is one of sarcasm in the face of stupidity. He realizes their plan was stupid, and I think they all realize how stupid their plan was, but it’s necessary from time to time to show these guys concocting a plan and have it be stupid. Their well plan does not work, it wasn’t well thought out, but that is the point of the scene.

    On the whole I thought this was a really good episode, developing characters and slowing things down. A major strength of the series is that it isn’t afraid to be slow and take its time. We’re learning more about the characters and the world, and I’m all for more of that type of slow burn.

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