The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 12: ‘Chupacabra’

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This week, we get a whole lot more Daryl then perhaps ever before, as he takes a fateful tumble and has to endure the wrath of…his brother Merle, in non-corporeal form. Elsewhere, women are making life harder for everyone! What’s their problem, anyway? Glenn and his eleven minutes of majesty aren’t sure, and sage old Dale isn’t much help. Ricky, Kate and Simon are here to try and sort this whole mess out.


Music Playlist

James Murphy – “28 Days Later Theme Song”

Feist – “The Bad In Each Other”

  1. Mario in Philly says

    How y’all doin’? Finally caught up with this week’s episode, which I thought was good and totally involving.
    Glad we got more clues in the opening scene about how the disaster occurred. Just wondering how far the affects of it have gone… can it be worldwide if we’ve not seen any help from other countries? Or is the US a confined dead zone?

    The Sophia search has launched several storylines so I don’t see her missing as a bad thing. And to say that I don’t care if she comes back is like saying that about my neighbor’s kid. Both of the kids have landed us where the story is taking place. So it’s a plot device that hasn’t bothered me that much. It forces me to think about what the other characters are actually doing. Having said that, I wish Rick would/could do more. His character seems to have stalled while Shane’s has grown and certainly transformed a bit. And I like how the story hinges on them side by side (besides the fact that they look great together side by side…)

    Daryl is a perfect supporting player and necessary to the group. He was totally slammed this episode banging his head after falling down the hill into the water, plus an arrow (lodged in his “abdOminim”?) and a bullet. Not to mention a near-zombie bite. He’s strong and survived all of this so he can’t die anytime soon.

    And I didn’t expect the WTF reveal. I thought there might be something perhaps sinister going on at the farm but not zombies trapped in the barn. Was it Kate who thought they could be Hershel’s dead relatives? That made me smile.

  2. Peter says

    Simon is really nitpicking way too much. This was one of the best episodes so far. I had very few problems with it.

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