The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 13: “Secrets”

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This week, more than ever, the Sound on Sight Walking Dead ‘cast is a house divided. “Secrets,” the penultimate episode before the half-season break, acts more or less as an hour of housecleaning for
some of the show’s sticker plot points…but is that enough to make everyone happy? (Hint: no.) Ricky, Kate and Simon duke it out. (Apologies for the 24-hour delay; internet issues have hounded us.)


Music Playlist

Roky Erickson – “I Walk With A Zombie”

Bob Dylan – “Maggies Farm”


  1. Ricky says

    I hate Burger King – If Kate asked me to get her food there, I would tell her throw a box of condoms at her face

  2. Shawn says

    Great show as always folks. However, I have to say … ENOUGH with the “Lady Problem” business already…lol

    The Walking Dead doesn’t have a “Lady Problem” it’s ladies HAVE problems, and there is a difference. Andrea is dealing with the death of her sister, her near suicide, and it isn’t till she kills some Walkers and takes Shane in the old car that she STARTS to feel like she is getting some of her power back. Carol is just … well Carol (the only woman on the show I don’t think is written very well). Laurie IS being very selfish when she sends Glenn into town, BUT in the end she is understandablly absorbed in her own crap, and as Glenn is fond to point out he “always comes back”. Finally, Maggie just kicks ass, she calls it like it is, and in the end is SO much more interesting than her character in the Graphic Novel.

    Honestly, I can’t wait to see the midseason finale next week. I am sure the zombie sh&t is going to hit the fan. Can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

    P.S. Ken … we know WAY more about you guys then you do about us … and we HAVE lulled you into a false sense of security. Don’t even get me STARTED with our top secret Canadian Goose spy program.

    1. Ricky says

      What lady problem ?

      1. Ken from Chicago says

        Exactly, Ricky, the show doesn’t have a lady problem.

        (Mental note to self:
        –“Rick” = “Rick Grimes”, character on THE WALKING DEAD,
        –“Ricky” = awesome co-host of THE WALKING DEAD PODCAST–even when we disagree and he needs to reconsider.)

        1. Ricky says

          I think the problem with The Walking Dead (series – comic and podcast ) is called a RICK PROBLEM … as in Rick always gets screwed :P

    2. Ken from Chicago says

      Argh! Lori did NOT “send” Glen into town. He VOLUNTEERED to go. If Simon volunteered to go to Burger King and ask Kate if she wanted something, Kate is NOT “sending” Simon to Burger King.

      Maggie is the one who needs to step back to get her facts correct. She needs to check herself ‘fore she wrecks herself. They ALL thought the pharmacy was about as safe as the farm–otherwise Maggie and Glen wouldn’t have gotten so “distracted” on their previous visit.

      — Ken from Chicago

      P.S. Oh and about Simon volunteering to make that Burger King run, that’s assuming of course he’s willing to travel the hundreds or thousands of miles from Canada to Chicago (geography is my kryptonite). And Burger King is the fast food burger franchise that makes way better burgers than Chicago’s own McDonald’s (technically Oak Brook’s own, before I get all “well actually”-ed to death).

      P.P.S. Shawn, we know enough about Canada’s dozen provinces (no, you can’t pawn Quebec off on us), that’s why we’ve been assimilating your Canadian celeb spy agents, corrupting them Rogers-free cable and cellular service (Comcast and AT&T look like kindly grandparents next to Rogers), regions with winters warm enough to wear shirt-sleeves thru, fatty government-subsidized corn-syrup foods to dull their sense, and elective surgery they can get in days instead of months. Oh and six words: Los Angeles Kings’ player: Wayne Gretzky.

  3. Ken from Chicago says

    First, Simon and Kate are right. Ricky, we need you to reconsider your opinion. Well we need you to reconsider it again. Reconsider it AGAIN!

    Second, iTunes, schmitunes. I get podcasts the way they should be, by RSS feeds. Thank you Google Reader and Realtime Simplified Syndication (or whatever the frell “RSS” stands for).

    Third, OF COURSE the women are portrayed as emotion. That’s because pert near everyone, including the males, on the show is:
    –Rick is overly concerned about doing the “right” without stopping to ask whether anyone else in the group agrees or has an alternative or consider the danger for the rest of the group in trying to find Sophia.
    –Shane wears his emotions on a sleeve, anger, lust, whatever.
    –Dale is drowning in a green river (just like in Chicago) of jealousy over Andrea.
    –Glen is overly nice about urban scouting, rescuing sheriffs from tank, being bait for a walker in a well, etc.
    –T Dog is, for the little time spent on him, snarky (e.g., “Glad we didn’t try anything crazy like shoot him in the well”, assessing his chances of surviving /what amounts to real life horror flick back when he was dying from a sliced open arm wound, etc.). However it’s criminal that for a character who’s been with the show from the 2nd episode, we barely know jack squat about him. I’m guessing he’s a comic book character that the show has glossed over.

    Fourth, no, the show doesn’t have a lady problem. Maggie is fairly reasonable (unless she’s acting like a child passing notes at the dinner table 2 feet from her old man instead of simply waiting to talk to Glen after dinner–or, since the show was setting up the episode-ending shocker, she could have left a note in his bedroom, and he could have left it her bedroom, and thus still get the episode-ending shocker). Lori is fairly reasonable, just stressed about children in this PAW (Post Apocalyptic World) and the prospect of yet another one. Even Carol has been toned down from being nails on chalkboard annoying to having gone thru the 5 stages of grief. No, the show has Andrea problem:
    –Season 2 debut, Andrea is making noise attracting attention of a zombie trying to assemble a gun which would attract legions more zombi-er walkers.This would be a gun for which she had no ammo.
    –Next episode during the search for Sophia, while the group is doing their first search, somehow Andrea gets separated from the group so far that a SINGLE walker is an actual threat to her and no one else can get to her in time–except for Maggie, on a horse with a polo mallet (or a bat).
    –Andrea is firing half-cocked at someone she can’t rightly see, presumably a walker, even tho there’s 3-4 armed guys whom have each offed a walker solo, despite the risk of noise attracting more walkers instead of letting the group of runners off the walker quietly.

    Fifth, no, Kate, no! Don’t go! It’s all part of Canadia’s plan for WORLD DOMINATION!
    –Phase One: Sending Canadians to infiltrate the number one global export: “American” pop culture (e.g., Michael J. Fox to tv sitcoms and movies, Alannis Morrisette to rock music, Jim Carrey to movies, Peter Jennings to news, Shania Twain to country music, even Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner to the signature scifi tv show that would shape how the general public views scifi).
    –Phase Two: The propaganda campaign: “Come to Canadia, it’s NOT all snow and evergreen and moose and squirrels and mounties all the time. See? We’ve got neat and tidy major cities, free health care, ridiculously low murders per capita rates and we speak a whole second language!” Attracting innocent young unsuspecting non-Canadians, including tv-reviewing bloggers.
    –Phase Three: Canaforming, covering the world in snow, replacing all cattle and deer with moose, replacing all pets with squirrels, replacing all cops with mounties, replacing all states with provinces, replacing all plants with evergreens, replacing all measurements with metric, replacing all bacon with Canadian bacon, replacing all money with Canadian dollars.

    No, Kate, don’t get caught in Canadia’s frozen, neat, free medicine web!

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. Blame Canadia! Blame Canadia! (It’s not a real country anyway.)

    P.P.S. No really, it’s not, the name is made up, they are too modest for the exotically cool “Canadia” and go for the more modest “Canada”–just to lower our guard.

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