The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 14: “Pretty Much Dead Already”

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The Walking Dead‘s fall finale, “Pretty Much Dead Already,” aired this week, and the ‘nets were abuzz with discussion over the episode’s dramatic, bloody conclusion, in which the mythical barnful o’ walkers was emptied the old-fashioned way. But did the ending manage to please all of us? Ricky, Kate and Simon discuss the episode, and ponder the future of the show when it returns in February.


Music Playlist

Roky Erickson – “I Walk With A Zombie”

Laura Marling – “Sophia”

  1. Ricky says

    Thanks everyone. Can’t wait for the next show!

  2. wbgorn says

    Sorry, Rick feeling responsible.

  3. wbgorn says

    I saw two things with Rick shooting Sophia. First I did see it as a power shift from Shane back to Rick, Rick taking back some leadership. I also saw it as Shane feeling responsible for losing Sophia and needing to do this. Great discussion guys

  4. sillytee says

    great podcast guys!

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